Become a full-stack developer!

Coding Academy: (Re)code your professional profile

The Coding Academy is an intensive learning in computer development. Accessible to everyone from in their second year in the university (all streams) or with 5 years of professional experience, no prior skills are required other than knowing the basics of IT. This training allows, for example, those who wish to retrain in IT, to master the good uses of the web and to acquire skills in coding and development. It is up to others to seek and support the digital transformation of their business or to attempt an entrepreneurial adventure by acquiring new skills.

The Coding Academy draws on the pedagogy and resources of Epitech and requires unwavering motivation and involvement on the part of the students.

Dev & Go/Code & Go !

Dev & Go is a course benefiting from all the expertise of Epitech and its ecosystem. The solution adapted to your professional or personal situation, to boost your career effectively. Ten (10) weeks on the Dev & Go program to master the fundamentals of Web development. Then 12 weeks in Code & Go to refine the learner’s Full Stack developer profile.
The Code & Go is a program that is based on the innovative pedagogy adopted by Epitech for concrete results.Learners apply, in concrete and increasingly complex projects, the skills and technologies learned daily.

An internship of 1 to 6 months

In order to obtain their certification as “Web and mobile design developer”, Coding Academy learners finish their course with a compulsory internship, lasting 1 to 6 months.The certificate is issued to them after a defence (30 min: presentation + discussion) in front of a jury of professionals from the sector.

Open and accessible to all !

Since digital transition is infiltrating all sectors of our economy and profoundly changing our relationship to work,Coding Academy is mainly intended for:

  • Young graduates.
  • Job seekers.
  • People undergoing professional retraining.
  • Employees, executives, entrepreneurs who wish to add web development to their skills.

To join the Coding Academy, you must:

  • Hold an undergraduate transcript (all streams) or have more than 5 years of professional experience.
  • Know the basics of computers.
  • Be motivated and ready to work many hours intensively.
  • Own a computer or buy one before the training

You must have a laptop computer with the minimum characteristics of:

  • 8GB of RAM
  • Between 100 and 300 GB of hard disk
  • 5Ghz card

Registrations must be completed online as soon as possible. The admission tests for the coding academy are:

  • An oral motivational interview
  • A test to assess the level of English (a good level in English is necessary to enter the Coding Academy)
  • Logic tests
  • A computer literacy test

Fee :

The training costs are 1.450.000 FCFA.



You will start by learning systems computing there. Especially with databases as well as SQL language. You will learn about the process from installation to administration of a web server as well as the administration of an operating system and its various components


Once you have acquired these skills, you will be immersed in different languages (Php, Python, Javascript, Html, CSS) and will learn development frameworks, in a particular web development (MERN). You will learn how to develop and build web solutions while implementing agile methods.

Added to this, free
projects and seminars to make you more professionally fit and acquire
additional tools that effectively support the skills previously acquired.

Thanks to the skills acquired and the technologies mastered during your training, you will be able to claim a multitude of positions and functions to support the digital transition of companies.

Back-end web developer

Unlike the front-end web developer, the back-end web developer is responsible for the “invisible” part of a website. It sets up and structures the database, links together the various departments of the company’s site so that the end user benefits from a service that is both efficient and transparent.

Project manager

The project manager organizes and leads the project from start to finish. He is responsible for the various phases, from the translation of user needs into functional and technical specifications, to user acceptance, or even production


An expert outside the company, the consultant brings his knowledge to clients wishing to develop their system. He offers technical and organizational solutions and then monitors its implementation.

Front-end web developer

The front-end web developer is a technician who perfectly masters the languages and scripts essential to the creation of a website. He will optimize the operation of a site in order to offer the best possible user experience (ergonomics, responsiveness, etc.).

Web integrator

The web integrator is responsible for creating the “visible face” of a website. He takes care of the graphic aspect of the site (readability, automatic adjustment to different screen sizes, etc.), allows interaction between the user and web services, develops the site interface, sets up email services for the site and its users.

Full-stack developer

The full-stack web developer is a technician who masters and supports all web development: Front-end and Back-end.

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