A benchmark school for computer science expertise established 20 years ago to train experts who will shape the world of tomorrow.

  • A school accessible to all after high school.
  • A unique and active pedagogy that shapes personalities.
  • An international ecosystem
  • High impact careers


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Formation post-bac en 3 ans

En 3 années, Epitech transforme votre passion pour l’informatique en une expertise reconnue. Vous devenez un professionnel capable de s’adapter aux défis du marché du travail et à même d’impacter positivement le monde.

Become a developer and boost your career

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A la {UNE}

Epitech is a computer science school created in 1999 that trains experts in sectors mostly 5 years after high school but also from 18 years or through a shorter professional training, open to all profiles and adapted to all paths. It helps transform a passion for IT into an expertise that leads to high-potential jobs.

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