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Epitech Bénin, The Unique Epitech Campus in Africa

Epitech is a large network open to the world. A total of 20 campuses, namely 14 campuses in France and 6 international campuses including 1 campus in Africa in Benin.

‘’Registering at Epitech means joining a school that is building an international ecosystem rich in opportunities for its students. ’’

Learners who choose to study at Epitech Benin give themselves the chance to become technically competent and agile IT experts with cutting-edge soft skills that set them apart remarkably in the professional world

Epitech Bénin and its super pedagogy team !

Epitech Benin is made up of a multicultural, passionate, and committed team.It is an educational unit dedicated to hatching experts who will never cease to challenge innovation in order to materialize the future of computing.

The head of this educational unit is Ouanilo Médégan, a member of one of the Epitech Paris promotions and digital security officer for the Republic of Benin. He really cares about the development of the Beninese youth and from the height of his unprecedented experience at Epitech Paris, has struggled to introduce the innovative pedagogy which he has been able to demonstrate to raw talents that lie in his country.

He has surrounded himself with a reliable team, including one of his peers Emmanuel Solomo, the educational director of Epitech Benin who straight out of Epitech Paris gained a foothold on the international scene very early on, he has gained many professional experiences and is today the educational director of Epitech Benin. With this role, he helps other young minds immerse themselves in programming and the digital world in order to emerge as useful experts impacting their fields.

Epitech Benin is developing within Sèmè City

Sèmè City is a city dedicated to innovation and knowledge. An ambitious project in the form of a campus city, an African smart city which aims to bring together high-level training institutions, research and development centers, as well as incubators of innovative solutions to meet the challenges of Benin and the ‘Africa.

Through Sèmè City, Benin wishes to train a new generation of talents and foster the emergence of new models of inclusive and sustainable growth based on Made in Africa innovation. The stake is clear: to respond to the economic challenges of Benin and more generally of Africa, to offer future opportunities to the youth of the continent. Hence the development of Epitech Benin within Sèmè City.

Sèmè One,the technological hub in the heart of Cotonou

Sèmè One is a technological hub with a surface area of ​​4,250 square meters, ideally located in the heart of Cotonou, where the Epitech Benin campus is located.

A truly innovative, ergonomic and optimal reception center in terms of energy consumption and cutting-edge technology for entrepreneurs and students specializing in NICTs (New Information and Communication Technologies) which projects a horizon over a wide panel of new professions.

Semè City


A peaceful West-African country

Benin is a country in West Africa, which stretches 700 kilometers in length, from the Niger River in the north to the Atlantic coast in the south. The country is part of ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) and La Francophonie, and has Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, and Niger to the north and Burkina Faso. Covering an area of ​​114,763 km², its population is estimated at 11,496,140 inhabitants in 2018 according to World Bank statistics.

The country for several decades has been a place of democratic alternation without notable violence, an atypical situation on the continent. The capital of Benin is called Porto-Novo and it’s located at the south of the country, near the Atlantic coast.

Cotonou is the economical capital and the largest city in Benin with 760 000 inhabitants during the 2013 census. It is also home to numerous government and diplomatic services. Cotonou is known throughout West Africa for its 20 hectare international market (Dantokpa), the largest market in West Africa, its Zémidjans (motorcycle taxis) and a secondary market, Missebo, located a few meters from the Dantokpa market.

Benin is a middle-income country like Ivory Coast, Morocco and Senegal and is positioned 8th among the African countries best equipped against cybercrime.

A diverse landscape and a rich culture.

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Due to its geographical position, its history, its traditions, its social life, Benin constitutes a destination to be discovered. It is a multi-faceted country full of diverse and varied tourist attractions. Benin surprises and satisfies all types of visitors. It is possible to practice all kinds of tourism, including cultural tourism, seaside tourism, religious tourism, ecotourism, agritourism, and discover crafts.

Visit Bénin

-Visa-free for West African citizens from ECOWAS and UEMOA countries
«Nationals of the fifteen (15) member states of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and of the eight (08) member states of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) may enter and move freely for a period of three (03) months, i.e. ninety (90) days, within the Community or the Union».

-Easy visa for people from all over the world
In April 2018, the government of Benin launched an online platform to digitize and make it easier to obtain an entry visa to Benin for anyone residing outside ECOWAS.
« Visa applicants can obtain their visa from any place on the site  https://www.e-visa.gouv.bj ».
Benin is a country that is full of opportunities for investing and is a great place to study.

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